The Council and Voters' Meeting scheduled for Monday, Feb. 19 are postponed until Monday, Feb. 26.
We collect many items that benefit our church and school.
These items can be placed inside the cabinet in the fellowship hall.

"Our Family" brand UPC codes
We collect the UPC codes from "Our Family" brand items. (In our area, these items are purchased at Rechek's Food Pride in Beaver Dam.)  When we collect a certain amount of UPCs, we mail them in and receive a rebate check.

Kwik Trip Milk Moola caps and milk bag tops - We collect the milk moola caps and bag tops from Kwik Trip. These caps and bag tops are worth 5 cents each.

Piggly Wiggly Receipts - We collect the grocery receipts from Piggly Wiggly in  Randolph.  We receive a rebate check for these receipts.

Thank you to the volunteers that take care of these things for us!