Local and National Retailers Want to Give us Money!
Would you like to save hundreds of dollars off your tuition/registration fees?

If you don’t have a child at school, would you like to help the church and/or school without spending any extra money?

We earn rebates through SCRIP by purchasing gift cards at a discount from Great Lakes Scrip Center and reselling them to you at face value. There are no extra fees. You use the card as cash and buy items that you purchase on a regular basis like, gas, food, and household items. There are hundreds of retailers to choose from.

This program benefits the church, the school, and families who can save on their tuition and registration fees as well as providing tuition assistance to those in financial need. We carry an inventory for many of the retailers making it easy for you to purchase your cards and use them the same day. Families are saving hundreds of dollars (some have saved more than $1,000/year) on their tuition/registration fees and the school and church are continuing to see benefits as well. 

Start ordering today and help our program provide income to our church/school without spending 
any extra money! If you don’t use scrip for your normal purchases, you are potentially missing out 
on an average earnings of $11/week.

How to Get Started

Fill out a registration form and an order form. It’s that easy! We carry an inventory for the cards listed on the order form. If interested in another vendor, write it in on the shaded portion of the order form. Orders for cards not stocked that are submitted by Sunday before second service will be available by Friday.

You may also take advantage of our online and mobile ordering


SCRIP is sold in the fellowship hall at the following times:
Friday’s 8:00 – 8:30 AM when school is in session.
Sunday between services. Except Holidays.

Please note:

Just a reminder that the scrip year ends on June 30. All sales July 1 and after will be attributed to the
2017-18 academic year. Don’t forget that your scrip earnings can be used for tuition for future students
of St. John’s as well as Luther Prep and WLA.
Any questions, contact  Desirae Pausma 324-8858.

Chris Edwards is the SCRIP Coordinator
Feel free to contact her with any questions.
(920) 324-8858

The following are links that will take you to the information/documents that you choose