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12/8/2019   "Prepare the Way for the Lord!" Pastor Nottling Matthew 3:1-12 Download
12/4/2019   Sing anAdvent Song of Repentance Pastor Nottling Psalm 130 Download
12/1/2019   God's View of the Last Days Pastor Nottling Isaiah 2:1-5 Download
11/28/2019   Look How Your Heavenly Father Cares for YOU! Pastor Nottling Matthew 6:25-34 Download
11/17/2019   There's Nothing Ridiculous About the Saints Triumphant Pastor Nottling Luke 20:27-38 Download
11/10/2019   There Will Be a Last Judgment! Pastor Nottling Jeremiah 26:1-6 Download
11/3/2019   Big Words - Big Comfort! Pastor Nottling Romans 3:19-28 Download
10/20/2019   Realize How Rich You Really Are! Pastor Nottling Revelation 2:8-11 Download
10/13/2019   Shrewdly Plan Your Eternal Retirement Pastor Nottling Luke 16:1-13 Download
10/6/2019   Jesus Welcomes Sinners -And Eats with Them! Pastor Nottling Luke 15:1-10 Download
9/29/2019   "What Shall We Do? Pastor Nottling 2 Kings 6:8-23 Download
9/22/2019   Jesus Calls Us to "Come Up Here" Pastor Nottling Proverbs 25:6-7 Download
9/15/2019   O Christian, ... Pastor Nottling Romans 9:1-9 Download
9/8/2019   "Declares the LORD..." Pastor Nottling Jeremiah 23:23-29 Download
8/25/2019   Christian Education - The Only Meaningful Education Pastor Nottling Ecclesiastes 1:2; 2:18-26 Download
8/18/2019   Lord, Teach Us to Pray - Just Like Abraham! Pastor Nottling Genesis 18:20-32 Download
8/11/2019   "Let the Word of Christ Dwell in You RICHLY" Pastor Nottling Colossians 3:12-17 Download
7/28/2019   God Encourages His Discouraged People Pastor Nottling Isaiah 66:10-14 Download
7/21/2019   Understand What You've Gotten Into Pastor Nottling 1 Kings 19:14-21 Download
7/14/2019   Because Jesus Bore His Cross for Us... Pastor Nottling Genesis 39:6-12, 16-23 Download
7/7/2019   Understanding the Christian... Pastor Nottling Luke 7:36-50 Download
6/30/2019   The Christian's Motto - "Christ Will Be Exalted in My Body" Pastor Nottling Philippians 1:18-26 Download
6/23/2019   What's the Message from Jericho? Pastor Nottling Joshua 5:13-6:5, 20 Download
6/16/2019   Brag About Your Triune God! Pastor Nottling Romans 5:1-5 Download
6/9/2019   Thank God for Pentecost! Pastor Nottling Genesis 11:1-9 Download
6/2/2019   "Yes, I Am Coming Soon!" Pastor Nottling Revelation 22:12-17, 20 Download
5/30/2019   "You Will Be My Witnesses" Pastor Nottling Acts 1:1-11 Download
5/26/2019   Jesus Gets Us Ready for His Ascension Pastor Nottling John 14:23-29 Download
5/22/2019   "Do It All for the Glory of God!" Pastor Nottling 1 Corinthians 10:31 Download
5/19/2019   "Gathered to Hear the Word of the Lord" Pastor Nottling Acts 13:44-52 Download
5/12/2019   Safe in the Arms of Jesus Pastor Nottling John 10:22-30 Download
5/5/2019   You Just Gotta Sing When You See This! Pastor Nottling Revelation 5:11-14 Download
4/28/2019   You Gotta See This! Pastor Nottling Revelation 1:4-18 Download
4/21/2019   "Remember Jesus Christ - He Has Risen!" Pastor Nottling 2 Timothy 2:8; Matthew 28:5-6 Download
4/19/2019   "It Is Finished" Pastor Nottling John 19:28-30 Download
4/18/2019   "Take Eat; Drink" Pastor Nottling Matthew 26:26-28 Download
4/14/2019   God's Holy Week Invitation Pastor Nottling Isaiah 45:22-25 Download
4/7/2019   It's Neat To Be a Christian! Pastor Nottling Philippians 3:8-14 Download
3/31/2019   Lent Is a Time to Sing! Pastor Nottling Isaiah 12:1-6 Download
3/24/2019   "Unless YOU Repent..." Pastor Nottling Luke 13:1-9 Download
3/17/2019   Behold Jesus' Boundless Love! Pastor Nottling Luke 13:31-35 Download
3/13/2019   "Take Him Away!" Pastor Wilke John 19:14-18 Download
3/10/2019   "It Is Written!" Pastor Nottling Luke 4:1-13 Download
3/6/2019   "Love One Another" Pastor Nottling John 13:31-35 Download
3/3/2019   Jesus Gets Us Ready for Lent Pastor Nottling Luke 9:28-36 Download
2/24/2019   God Moves in Mysterious Ways Pastor Nottling Genesis 45:3-8, 15 Download
2/10/2019   "Here I Am, Send Me!" Pastor Nottling Isaiah 6:1-8 Download
2/3/2019   What Went Wrong in Nazareth? Pastor Nottling Luke 4:20-32 Download
1/27/2019   "And All the People Listened..." Pastor Nottling Nehemiah 8:1-10 Download
1/20/2019   Water into Blood; Water into Wine Pastor Nottling Exodus 7:14-24 Download
1/13/2019   Epiphany at the Baptismal Font Pastor Nottling Titus 3:4-7 Download
1/6/2019   Join the Wise Men in Worshiping Jesus Pastor Nottling Matthew 2:1-12 Download